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Charles Seltzer and his Co-Founder Brendan Doney shared a passion for team sports since childhood. From hockey, basketball, and soccer to football, lacrosse, and more . . . their lives revolved around sports. However, their competitive sports journey ended after high school, and college only offered the chance to play intramural. After graduating, both found it heard to find a reliable team to play on. They joined different leagues but often missed games and weren't particularly thrilled with their teams. Frustrated, they made the difficult decision to give up on sports altogether. 

Eventually, they decided there was a business opportunity and formed a unique basketball-inspired social club called Crosscourt. Charles shares how they aim to make team sports as accessible and seamless as other fitness experiences. From pickup sessions to a membership-based community, Crosscourt offers a holistic approach to reigniting people's passion for team sports and the sense of connection it brings. 

On the benefits of team sports, Charles states, "Some of my best friends are the people I played with growing up. The discipline that you learn from playing team sports, the best life lessons are learned through that . . . our vision was always something like an Equinox high-end experience combined with a Soho House feel for the community aspect."

Some key moments: 

  • Starting Crosscourt: Seamless team sports experience.
  • Renting gyms, experimenting, creating unique fitness experience.
  • Adults-only community building space with sports lounge.
  • Fun games with cash rewards and benefits.
  • Long distances hinder retention for club members.
  • Looking to open new location in SoCal, raising $1.5M.

A few key takeaways: 

  1. Crosscourt offers a seamless and organized experience for playing team sports, specifically basketball. They provide one-hour pickup-inspired sessions with a maximum of 15 players per session. The sessions are designed to be efficient and enjoyable, eliminating many of the frustrations associated with pickup basketball.
  2. Crosscourt also operates as a membership-based social club. They offer "office hours" where members can work, connect with others, and use their facilities. The club organizes community activities such as movie nights, sports events, and tournaments to foster a sense of camaraderie.
  3. The goal is to reignite people's passion for team sports and provide the same positive experiences and life lessons that were learned through playing sports as kids.


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