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HALO Talks, on behalf of Integrity Square, is pleased to share this podcast with our new client, HealthFitness Corporation. HealthFitness is committed to further expansion into facilities-based fitness management and has engaged Integrity Square to assist in outreach with prospective owners who are seeking a great home for their company and employees. If you are interested in exploring opportunities after hearing this podcast, please reach out to Rosa Alaimo-Quinn, our Chief of Staff, to arrange an introductory call with our team. (rosa@integritysq.com)

Sean McManamy is a key figure in the fitness industry, with a focus on creating communities and a sense of belonging through the management of fitness programs and on-site facilities. He has been with Trustmark, HealthFitness’ parent company, since before their acquisition of HealthFitness in 2010. Trustmark is a benefits company that has supported employers and their teams for more than 100 years.

Over the past decade, Sean has been instrumental in driving the success of HealthFitness, which now employs over 2,000 associates across the United States. They manage more than 400 sites for approximately 140 clients, primarily in the corporate sector but also serving hospitals, colleges, and municipalities. Despite the challenges faced, including the recent pandemic, Sean’s leadership has enabled HealthFitness to thrive in this constantly evolving industry.

“The foundation of our business has always been managing onsite fitness programs, and that's still our bread and butter today through a lot of twists and turns, through a little something called a pandemic!” states McManamy. “We love this space, and we’re ready to grow and ready to invest to grow.” 

Some key moments: 

  • History of location management from staffing to building relationships.
  • April of 2021 HealthFitness acquired Midtown Health, a fitness management provider and subsidiary of Chicago-based Tennis Corporation of America (TCA) leading to a successful onboarding of 400 employees and 100% client retention. Expanded product portfolio, including virtual fitness, gym network and assisted stretching program.
  • Increased communication and employee engagement during COVID.
  • Family businesses prioritize employees and clients. Strong connection between employees and clients. Proud of support provided through benefits, education, and networking.
  • Thinking strategically about build/buy/partner decisions to address emerging client needs 

A few key takeaways: 

  1. Employers are recognizing the value of direct employee communication. Coordinated and smart communication is essential to compete with other benefits and employer programs.
  2. While the corporate fitness and wellness market has not recovered to pre-COVID levels, our clients are increasingly looking to create positive return-to-office experiences with key amenities like the fitness center.
  3. One-on-one interactions and building relationships with on-site employees are crucial for engagement. Sitting down and talking directly with employees is the most effective way to do that!
  4. Membership at corporate fitness centers has been down from pre-COVID levels, but membership at health system wellness centers has recovered to 100% or higher.
  5. Fostering community within companies is a priority for clients. Companies are looking to the fitness center to help them strengthen and foster this sense of community, particularly as employees work on-site, in a hybrid model, or fully virtually.
  6. There is a growing demand for better amenities and experiences. Companies are investing more in their office spaces, including larger and better-equipped facilities, and there is competition to attract and retain talent. Companies are seeking more programming and better services in corporate spaces to create a great workplace environment.

Sean McManamy: https://www.linkedin.com/in/seanmcmanamy/  
Health Fitness: https://www.healthfitness.com/  
Trustmark: https://www.trustmarkbenefits.com    

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