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Jane Curth is a passionate individual who has made a significant impact in the field of education and personal training. With a background as a professor in kinesiology, she specialized in online education and was recognized as a finalist for a state award for excellence in online teaching.

It was during her teaching career that she identified a pain point in the industry and decided to take action. Jane's idea was to create a personal training course at the college level, allowing students to earn college credit while also providing them with a potential part-time job opportunity that offered a decent hourly wage. However, she faced numerous obstacles in getting the course approved, enduring months of red tape.

Realizing that she needed to regain her personal training certification in order to teach the course effectively, Jane dedicated herself to retaking the exam. This experience further fueled her determination to address the pain point she had identified earlier. As a result, she founded FitFixNow, a company aimed at revolutionizing the personal training industry. With her expertise in education and personal training, she seeks to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, providing students and professionals with comprehensive and accessible training programs. 

On the ever increasing need for education for the senior community, Curth states, "Given my background in education and being a former professor, we were contacted by Strong Over 50 to be their education provider, to create the courses, to get them on our learning management system, and to work together with them to continue to create courses. And we found out at IHRSA that there were several companies that were interested in having continuing education linked with their product."

Some key moments: 

  • Her journey led to FitFixNow. A pain point was identified.
  • Increased desire for expanding options in fitness.
  • "Progress in healthcare towards prevention and cost-effectiveness?"
  • What matters to your peer group when exercising?

A few key takeaways:

1: Jane Curth, a veteran in the industry, discusses her journey from being a professor of kinesiology to starting FitFixNow, an online continuing education platform for fitness professionals.

2: FitFixNow aims to make continuing education for fit pros affordable, convenient, and of high quality. They offer courses in various specialty areas such as behavior change and working with special populations.

3: Jane also highlights the importance of personal trainers expanding their skill sets and certifications to offer a wider range of services. She believes that specialized certifications, such as in nutrition or working with specific populations like Parkinson's, can greatly enhance a trainer's value and impact.

4: SilverSneakers, a program with over 18 million members, is discussed as an ancillary revenue source for health clubs and a way to reach a population that may not traditionally purchase a gym membership. Jane mentions her involvement as a SilverSneakers model and the positive impact the program has on seniors' health and well-being.

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Jane Curth: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janecurth/ 
Fit Fix Now: https://www.fitfixnow.com/ 
Strong Over 50: https://strongover50.com/ 
Silver Sneakers: https://tools.silversneakers.com/ 

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