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Chris Mirabile's passion for health started young. At 12, he stumbled on to a copy of Men's Health magazine, which inspired him to take care of his body through exercise and what he believed was a healthy diet. Health became an integral part of his life until everything changed when he was 15. While on a school trip in New York City, Chris unexpectedly had a seizure caused by an undetected, golf ball-sized brain tumor that had been growing for years. This medical emergency necessitated immediate surgery and completely upended his life. It forced him to reevaluate his understanding of health, realizing that true well-being goes beyond just physical appearance and athletic abilities. It also ignited a new-found curiosity about the biological aspects of health and set him on a new path.

Regarding biological age and chronological age he states, "Biological age and chronological age are two different things . . . biological age is essentially how old you are biologically, which is correlated with your risk of mortality, your risk of morbidity, or chronic illness, It's basically also how how physically and mentally capable you are."

Some key moments: 

  • Started fascinated with fitness. Undiagnosed brain mass reveals true health.
  • Initially created a company called the Hotlist for transparency on city events.
  • Failed business led to self-reflection and insecurity.
  • Quickly realized timing is crucial for new ventures, and was taught how to 'learn to fail." 
  • Aging can be reversed in animals. Controversial in humans. Biological causes of aging include mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular senescence, DNA damage, and more.
  • Using NOVOS Core, 73% of people reduced their biological aging.
  • Tons of free info, quizzes & tools are available on their site as a public service corporation.

A few key takeaways:

  1. Chris's personal experience with a health scare at a young age greatly influenced his passion for health and wellness. This experience led him to become an entrepreneur and make a positive impact on people's lives.
  2. Before starting NOVOS, Chris had an early stage company in the social networking industry called Hot List. The aim was to bring back exclusivity to college students and promote real-life social interactions.
  3. His background in programming and early job experience in the tech industry inspired him to pursue entrepreneurship. He saw the potential for using technology to improve people's lives and create business opportunities.
  4. The idea for Hot List came from the realization that in a city like New York, a simple decision to turn left or right could greatly impact one's social experiences. Hot List aimed to provide transparency and detailed information about events and venues, helping people make informed choices about where to socialize.
  5. Choosing the right business partners is crucial in an entrepreneurial venture. Trust and complementary skills are essential factors to consider when forming a team. In Chris's case, he teamed up with friends from school who shared his vision and were willing to commit to the business full-time.

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