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Bill Davis is an extremely dedicated individual who has witnessed the tremendous transformation and maturity of the HALO (Health, Active Lifestyle, Outdoors) space over the past few years. Despite the anxiety and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, Bill has been impressed by the sustained growth and expansion of both membership and brands within the industry. With a keen understanding that fitness and wellness are top priorities for many, he recognizes the critical importance the brick and mortar experience plays in achieving overall well being. At ABC, Bill and his team have used the many challenges of the pandemic as an opportunity to embrace new technologies and continue to innovate. Davis aims to continue to contribute to the positive development of the industry, even in small ways.

On the power of personalization he states, "I think the technology is there. It's helping club operators understand how they can more effectively seamlessly leverage it to garner better, more curated, more personalized insights about their members. To me, that is the greatest opportunity that we have as an industry . . . going forward with a member-first mindset is only going to yield benefits for all that are in that proverbial food chain."

Some key moments: 

  • Fitness and wellness thriving, technology promoting integrity.
  • New rebrand promises enhanced insights for customers.
  • Member-first mindset, personalized insights yield substantial industry benefit.
  • Rebranding twice to continue to redefine mission and values.
  • IHRSA team credited for broadening fitness industry.

A few key takeaways:

  1. ABC's commitment to client service and success: ABC's dedication to client service and success is a foundational element of their heritage and ongoing growth. 

  2. Meeting the demands of diversified customers: ABC now supports a range of club operators, from the smallest to the largest, and caters to their specific needs at different stages of their respective journeys. 

  3. Focus on fitness: While expanding to other industries may be more interesting to investors, ABC is committed to continuing to go deep in the fitness space. They believe that the industry is already large enough to achieve sufficient scale and growth without looking beyond it.

  4. Strategic acquisitions and integration: Davis touches on the challenges and importance of successfully integrating acquired companies and making employees feel valued and part of something bigger. ABC strives to replicate successful integration strategies, communicate upfront about the acquisition process, and ensure a cultural fit. 

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