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Pete Moore, Founder & Managing Partner of Integrity Square recounts a conversation he may or may not have had at one point or another in his investment banking career. These types of discussions may or may not also take place daily in investment banks and M&A firms everywhere. 

As he's often fond of saying, "Finance is basic math. It's not hard, but the people in the sector love to make it sound hard." That's one of the (many!) reasons you need a firm like Integrity Square if you're ever going to do a buy or sell side deal. 

There's an entire section on our HALO Talks site called "Finance 101" where Pete breaks it all down in hilarious 2-3 minute riffs. Enjoy! 

On our Integrity Square site, we've also created a glossary of terms translating 'finance speak' to real English. Links in resource section below. Here's a few examples: 

  • "Window of Opportunity" = If the company doesn’t get money by Friday, the company is dead.

  • "Upgrading The Management Team" = Fired the CEO and entire management team because of poor performance.

  • "Niche Strategy" = Market opportunity is so small, we are embarrassed to quantify.

  • "Disproportionate Distribution to Investor Base" = Stealing from company. 


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Integrity Square: https://www.integritysq.com  
Integrity Square Glossary: https://www.integritysq.com/glossary-quotes/ 
HALO Talks: https://www.halotalks.com 
HALO Talks Finance 101: https://www.halotalks.com/category/finance-101/ 

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