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Maura Vella started her journey in the corporate world, quickly climbing the ladder and achieving financial success by the age of 24 in tech sales. However, she realized that despite the impressive paycheck, she lacked a sense of purpose and excitement. This led her to embark on a different path, one centered around her newfound passion for yoga.

She eagerly attended classes every day, and it became the focal point of her daily routine. Fueled by this passion, she made the rather large decision to leave her lucrative job and pursued her dream of teaching yoga and getting into the business side of the HALO sector. (Health, Active Lifestyle, Outdoors.) She ventured into this new chapter of her life, eager to share the benefits of yoga with others while building a thriving community for like-minded individuals.

She states, "By the time I was 24, I was making six figures, which was amazing. But then had this epiphany that it wasn't purpose driven. I wasn't really excited about what I was doing even though I was making a lot of money."

Some key moments: 

  • Open-mindedness, confidence, learning, and success in business.
  • Created third successful yoga studio in addition to instituting systems and procedures for the growing brand. 
  • Custom memberships created to fit individual needs.
  • Exploring gyms as a potential partners.
  • Survey clients about their goals and preferences.
  • Seeking open, willing learner for collaborative work.
  • "Do the best with what you know." 

A few key takeaways:

  1. Building a strong community and employing high-quality instructors can help a business stand out in a competitive industry.
  2. Customizing memberships based on individual goals, lifestyle, and budget can be an effective strategy to cater to a diverse range of customers.  
  3. The fitness industry may evolve towards curated programs within specific brands, where individuals stay within the brand's umbrella and follow a prescribed workout regimen. This concept could potentially offer a more tailored fitness experience. 
  4. Recovery is an important aspect of fitness that should not be overlooked by health clubs. By offering recovery products and services, clubs can prevent their members from seeking specialized recovery centers. 

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