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Bill Parisi is a former athlete who began his career over 30 years ago. As a Division 1 all American athlete in college, he quickly realized the lack of appropriate training for young athletes in field and court sports. In 1990, he began his entrepreneurial journey with a small 3,000 square foot facility, which quickly grew to multiple locations. With guidance from industry expert Tom Plummer, Bill focused on helping young athletes aged 7 to 18. 

Pete and Bill dive deep into the world of youth sports training and how it can positively impact young athletes' lives. They also discuss the importance of creating a strong culture within a club, the value of technology in the fitness industry, and the future of training young athletes. Whether you're a gym owner, coach, or a parent interested in helping your child excel, this episode is full of insights and practical advice. 

Regarding the evolution of athletic training, Parisi states, "The focus has always been from day 1 to help young athletes focus on youth sports, high school sports . . . and give them the the resources, tools, strategies, and opportunity to play competitive high school sports . . . because that's not an easy thing nowadays!"

Some key moments: 

  • Former athlete opens facilities to help young athletes.
  • Simple certification / affiliate model with low risk.
  • Child as consumer, coach as influencer, culture matters.
  • Rewards program for loyalty and profit.
  • Wellness Living: Incredible software partner.
  • Train Heroic: Great training app for coaches.
  • Athletics can help kids with mental health issues.

A few key takeaways:

  1. Parisi has evolved from a franchise to an affiliate model, making it easy for coaches from other clubs to become certified in his system. This simplifies the process and reduces risk for potential, future affiliates.
  2. He emphasizes the importance of creating a strong culture in the club, focusing on empowering young athletes and building self-esteem. This is achieved through the relationships between coaches and athletes, creating a sense of belonging and self-worth.
  3. The pricing for Parisi's training program ranges from $149 to $299 per month for athletes training on average twice a week. The program can also be offered as group sessions with an average of 6 to 10 kids in a class.
  4. Parisi strongly believes that youth sports provide important benefits including increased social confidence, improved mental health, and a sense of belonging. He emphasizes the need for coaches to properly balance challenges and rewards in order to help athletes develop and reach their potential.

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Positive Coaches Alliance: https://positivecoach.org/ 
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Wellness Living: https://www.wellnessliving.com 
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