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Jack Thomas, originally from Australia, has been living and working in Thailand for the past few years. In this episode, host Pete Moore and Jack discuss everything from the burgeoning boutique fitness industry in Asia, to the evolving trends and growth opportunities in the U.S. fitness market. He is excited about the emerging markets in other Asian countries, such as Manila and Indonesia, and sees great potential for growth in the region.

Jack also shares his new concept, The Fit Guide, a pioneering idea anchored in bringing high end, hospitality elements into the HALO sector. The Fit Guide evaluation process, which boasts 250 objective standards, has already launched in major cities and is set to make waves in new markets.

With a strong emphasis on elevating the customer experience, the episode touches on the comprehensive evaluation process, revenue models, and potential future revenue streams, setting the stage for an engaging and informative conversation.

Regarding the importance of brand consistency in the industry, Jack states, "Some staff working with us now have been been quite surprised when going through the evaluations and going through the reports. . .how one brand in 1 location scores really well, and in another location, it doesn't . . . the best clubs do get it right every single time though, and that's what we should really be striving towards."

Some key moments: 

  • Asian fitness markets fluctuate, Singapore faces closures.
  • Fitness industry adopts hospitality standards for clubs.
  • Training helps evaluators to confidently complete evaluations.
  • Inconsistent brand experiences in fitness industry.
  • Clubs can improve with integrity and assistance.
  • Evaluate members' motivations and needs for improvement.
  • Assisting brands with SOP's, accountability, and evaluations.

A few key takeaways:

1. Fit Guide's Approach: Fit Guide aims to raise the industry's standards by introducing 250 objective measures for fitness clubs. These focus on service-based standards in boutique fitness and the physical structures of clubs to create a positive customer experience.

2. Global Expansion: Fit Guide has already launched in major cities such as New York, London, and Singapore, and is gearing up for upcoming launches in Sydney and Dubai. Jack aims to expand to five cities by the end of the year, with a focus on deepening their presence in the US next year.

3. Revenue Model and Future Plans: Fit Guide operates on a revenue model that includes providing free resources like newsletters and podcasts, as well as paid video courses, in-person training, and coaching services for clubs and brands to enhance customer experiences. Potential future revenue streams may involve advertising and collaborations with major brands like Nike or Apple.

4. Evaluation Process and Impact: The evaluation process encompasses a 250-point checklist and thorough quality control checks, including follow-up visits for poorly scoring studios. This process not only provides accountability but also opportunities for improvement for fitness clubs.

5. Entrepreneurial Insights and Support: The conversation delves into entrepreneurial insights, discussing the scalability of boutique fitness concepts and the potential for entrepreneurs to diversify within the industry.

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