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In this episode, host Pete Moore sits down with serial entrepreneur Todd Abrams, the Co-Founder and CEO of ICON Meals. Todd shares his journey from starting his entrepreneurial ventures in the software industry to his passion project based in Texas, ICON Meals, which focuses on providing convenient and healthy food options. 

Throughout the conversation, Todd discusses the challenges and successes of his business ventures, the importance of building a strong team, and his perspective on taking responsibility for one's life and actions. Abrams provides insights into the meal delivery and food industry, as well as valuable lessons in leadership, team building, and striving for continuous improvement. This is a must listen as Pete and Todd delve into the world of entrepreneurship, business strategies, and the drive to make impactful changes in people's lives through the power of food.

One two of his keys to success, Abrams states, "I've always had to have two things in any of my businesses, one is residual recurring revenue, and two is, I'll call it 'a solution to a problem.' Our solution was really finding that element of convenience as everyone, other businesses, etcetera, live that healthy, fast-paced lifestyle, may not have time to cook . . . but still, people have to eat!"

Some key moments: 

  • Business success: Recurring revenue and finding a problem to solve.
  • Shared childhood experience, overcoming body image challenges.
  • Entrepreneur emphasizes calculated risks and relationship building.
  • Invest in team, build culture, align vision.
  • Choose reliable partners, ensure USDA inspection. Quality product.
  • Strive for better since perfection is unattainable.

A few key takeaways:

1. Building a successful business: Todd discussed his entrepreneurial journey and emphasized the importance of identifying problems and creating solutions in the market. He highlighted the significance of having a residual recurring revenue and a solution to a problem in any business venture.

2. Team building and culture: Abrams also stressed the importance of surrounding oneself with knowledgeable and experienced individuals who complement each other's skills.

3. Financial decisions and hiring: He reflected on the significance of making strategic financial decisions, particularly in terms of hiring personnel. He discussed the challenges of finding the right CFO and offered insights into hiring practices, emphasizing the need to hire slow and fire quickly.

4. Business mindset: Todd shared his approach to taking responsibility for one's life and business. He emphasized the need for mass action, continuous improvement, and living an "excuseless life."

5. Business expansion: Pete and Todd brought up the potential for partnerships with fitness clubs, pointing out the benefits of adding meal delivery services as an additional revenue stream for fitness businesses. He emphasized the importance of aligning with a trusted partner and focusing on quality and functionality in product offerings.

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