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Host Pete Moore welcomes Josh Forkner, a prominent figure in the CBD space. Josh shares insights into his company's operations, including their innovative approach to product development, strategic partnerships, and the challenges they've faced in the market. Pete and Josh dive into the unique selling points of CBD products, the potential for growth in the industry, and the transformative impact of CBD on customers' lives. From athlete endorsements to navigating legal restrictions, this conversation delves into the rapid growth of a new brand in an already crowded market. 

Regarding finding the right market for product sales, Forkner states, "We find that what works best for us are places like fitness studios, yoga studios, senior fitness centers, chiropractors, acupuncture, little small gyms, CrossFit . . . those places that only showcase our product or maybe 1 or 2 others we do very well in."

Some key moments: 

  • Founders are business partners in different industries.
  • Stringent testing to prevent THC contamination in products.
  • Consumers need to consider milligram strength, serving size, research.
  • Education drives willingness to try new products.
  • Don't take CBD to Turks & Caicos. HA! Pete tells a story.

A few key takeaways:

1. The CBD market is rapidly evolving, and FlexCBD aims to stand out by offering high milligram strength products at affordable prices, providing a 50% margin for companies that carry their products.

2. FlexCBD is targeting various markets, including chiropractors, yoga studios, fitness clubs, and internet sales, with particularly high sales volume seen in chiropractic and yoga studios.

3. Josh's transition from carpenter to an entrepreneur in the CBD market was motivated by personal injuries. His optimism about the future growth of CBD products suggests that CBD may become a household product within the next 2 years, despite current challenges with education and stigma.

4. Stories of customer experiences with CBD products, such as relief from pain for a truck driver and a family member, highlight the potential impact and benefits of CBD in people's lives.

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