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Zvi Goffer is a former finance executive and father who was inspired to take action when planting the seeds of college education in the minds of his two kids. His idea for Campus VR took root when he brought his kids to his alma mater, a state school in New York . . . which unfortunately didn't do a good job representing themselves on their website. Wanting to do more than just show pictures, he decided to take action and figured there had to be a better way to engage kids in the modern era versus just "point and click." 

Zvi dove into the VR world, learned it from the ground up and they actually ended up building their own robot! Campus VR has since evolved into a game-changing platform for top colleges and teams around the country. He discusses the power of VR in creating immersive experiences and how it can revolutionize the way businesses attract and engage potential clients. Pete and Zvi dive into the future of VR tech, its potential impact on various industries, and serves as a captivating exploration of entrepreneurship and innovative thinking.

On the importance of college being accessible and VR aiding in the athlete recruiting process, Zvi states, "You shouldn't have to have a certain amount of money in your bank account, or be in a certain geographical location, or worry about the convenience of your parents being able to take you on a trip and miss work or whatever. These should not be hindrances [in the college decision process.]

Some key moments: 

  • Introducing kids to college through personal experience.
  • Discovered potential in VR; gathered support from investors.
  • Research, niche market, athletic facilities showcase success.
  • Show gym experience through VR for marketing.
  • Collegiate NIL lets sponsors advertise in videos.
  • Don't assume an idea is already utilized.

A few key takeaways:

1. VR in Education and Athletics: Zvi founded Campus VR and offers a unique VR experience for college campuses. He identified the need for a more engaging way to showcase campuses to prospective students and saw potential in using VR to excite students about attending college. Additionally, Campus VR created immersive experiences for showcasing athletic facilities at top-tier programs, enhancing the recruiting process.

2. Entrepreneurial Insights: Zvi shares his journey as an entrepreneur, emphasizing the importance of never assuming an idea is already being utilized. He emphasized the value of conducting thorough research, staying committed to the long-term vision, and being open to innovative ideas.

3. Virtual Tours for Health Clubs: The conversation explored the potential application of VR technology in health clubs to provide highly interactive virtual tours. This could showcase workout classes, facilities, and studios to attract and excite prospective members. The discussion delved into the cost and potential sponsorships for creating VR experiences as well.

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