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In this episode, host Pete Moore is joined by Josh Bonhotal from TXV Partners. Josh shares his wealth of experience in player performance and training, from his time with the Chicago Bulls to his role at Purdue's men's basketball program.

They dive into venture investing, discussing portfolio construction and risk management. As well as discuss the use of technology to optimize athlete performance and Josh's transition into the venture capital world. From mathematical models to practical insights, this episode runs the gamut. If you're an entrepreneur or a sports enthusiast, this is a must-listen!

On some of the pitfalls in tech in sports performance, Josh notes, "There were a lot of companies out there, especially in the early 2010's . . . whether it be GPS, or heart rate, or monitoring sleep that were making all these bold claims. You saw some number of high level sports scientists and performance directors throughout elite sports, who, I think in good faith, wanted to believe that this data was accurate, and so they were making big decisions and almost letting the data dictate what they're doing when in reality, the data is meant to inform the questions that you ask to lead to the decision that you get to."

Some key moments: 

  • Refusing to give up, aspiring NBA coach succeeds in getting in the door.
  • Seizing opportunities, reaching out, and hustling.
  • Individualized training approach aimed at maximizing performance.
  • Empowerment, partnership, and progression in sports training.
  • Technology claims not always reliable, requires scrutiny.
  • Monitoring athletes' health and lifestyle for impact.
  • Importance of direct path to commercialization stressed.

A few key takeaways:

1. Athlete-Specific Training: Josh's success at Purdue in minimizing player injuries was attributed to individualizing training programs based on each athlete's needs and progress, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

2. Career Transition: Josh transitioned from a career in sports performance to venture investing, where he leverages his coaching and connecting skills to lead the early-stage portfolio and find deals by tapping into his network.

3. Importance of Networking: Josh's approach to networking and career advancement was a key factor in his transition to venture investing, emphasizing the value of building strong connections in various professional fields.

4. Venture Investing Insights: Josh shared insights into venture investing, including the use of mathematical models and portfolio construction to manage risks and returns in the asset class, providing valuable information for those interested in entrepreneurial ventures and early-stage investments.

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