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Former currency trader Dom D'Alexander found himself unexpectedly drawn to a passion project that would substantially alter his career trajectory. Selling currencies to hedge funds was intellectually stimulating but something he lacked any real passion for. His hobbies were always focused on his own well-being, leading him to delve into something combining his love for personal development and self-care. This eventually became Somble, a platform focused on empowering independent coaches in the HALO sector.

Pete and Dom chat about the challenges and vision behind the brand, the importance of collaboration, ecosystem, and delves into the potential for synergies between studios and coaches. Listeners will also hear about the unique approach of Somble's Co-Founders and uncover insights into the evolving landscape of fitness and coaching.

Regarding the critical importance of execution, Alexander states, "I wish somebody had beaten me over the head early with the fact that ideas are really a dime a dozen, and that execution and distribution are basically the only things that are going to matter when bringing something to life."

Some key moments: 

  • Entrepreneurial journey: Dom's transition from finance to wellness.
  • Business challenges: The frustrations faced by wellness coaches and studios.
  • Platform and vision: Somble's aim to connect consumers with coaches.
  • Collaboration & cooperation: Connecting independent coaches and fitness businesses.
  • Customer discovery: Importance of understanding the needs of trainers and studios.
  • Fitness industry trends: Use of tech, niche coaching, and multidisciplinary workouts.

A few key takeaways:

1. Dom shares his background transitioning from institutional finance to becoming a C-Founder focused in the HALO space.

2. Somble, with Co-Founders Ian Waltz as CEO, Dom D'Alexander as COO, and Matt Barnett as CTO, is a platform aiming to unify the wellness industry and empower independent coaches and small instructor-run studios.

3. Collaboration and cooperation between coaches, fitness businesses, and local studios are highlighted as crucial components for creating a thriving ecosystem for independent coaches and fitness businesses.

4. There is a strong emphasis on customer discovery, execution, and distribution over ideas, and a focus on utilizing technology to drive business growth and create multidisciplinary workout experiences for consumers.

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