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Lee is an entrepreneur originally from Michigan who, at 24, made a bold move to Costa Mesa, California in 2010 where he headed up the development of perhaps the first infrared studio in the country. He transformed the fledgling studio, implementing a membership model, and elevating the experience for customers. This marked the beginning of Perspire Sauna Studios, which has since expanded into a burgeoning franchise under Braun's leadership.

Pete and Lee discuss starting an infrared sauna studio, transitioning into franchising, business growth, franchise development, the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, and more. 

On the growing trend of healthier choices, Braun states, "There's a huge diaspora I see happening away from bars and alcohol, which I I'm all for. I think it's just a much healthier path. And it's cool to be there for that growing sector of people that are getting away from those kinds of pastimes into something more unique and healthy. . .which is what Perspire offers."

Key themes discussed

  • Franchising: Development, growth, support, challenges, evolution, expansion, territory.
  • Business Model: Pricing, revenue, membership, labor, holistic support, renewable leads, green space.
  • Location Strategy: Real estate, data, metrics, territory rights, success rates, development, competition.
  • Workout Recovery: Infrared technology, holistic approach, recovery products, professional collaboration.
  • Entrepreneurship: Construction management, growth, value, new business, passion.
  • Hybrid Approach: Gut instinct, data-driven decisions, analysis, questions, validation, holistic support, franchise criteria.

A few key takeaways:

1. Lee started Perspire after buying out a studio in California and elevating the experience with a membership model, taking it from a converted tanning salon to a successful sauna studio.

2. Perspire utilizes an infrared sauna model with pricing geared towards encouraging members to visit 1 to 3 times a week to maximize its cumulative benefits.

3. Their business model focuses on providing a private, personal retreat for individuals, emphasizing wellness over vanity, and offering a unique and healthy alternative to social activities like going to bars.

4. When it comes to making business decisions, Braun takes a hybrid approach, combining gut instincts with data analysis to arrive at informed choices. He also emphasizes the importance of finding the right real estate (and not just relying on Buxton reports!) for franchisees to set them up for success.

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