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Prime Hall served in the Marines from 2005 to 2017, with his initial deployment being in the infantry for the first four years. He later transitioned to becoming a water survival instructor, where he drew on principles of military water survival for the basis of his programming. Hall relays the story of an individual who survived for 20 hours in the Gulf of Mexico after falling off a Carnival cruise ship, which exemplifies the incredible efficacy of military water survival. 

Prime also discusses his work with his company Deep End Fitness, a program that certifies instructors in this survival methodology and provides branded programming for health clubs, YMCA's, JCC's, and so on. Additionally, he dives (get it?) ;) into the Underwater Torpedo League (UTL), a unique sport he created while in the military to help his squad gain confidence which has garnered substantial attention and a growing community of players. 

Hall states, "The biggest draw we see are individuals that have a fitness enthusiast, or water enthusiast background with a business acumen . . . that's kind of where we see the highest performing programs across the country . . . and when it comes to the UTL, it's created a huge value proposition for the licensees because now some of them compete on one of 12 teams we've founded!"

Key themes discussed

1. Water Survival: Military principles, SAFE methodology.

2. Deep End Fitness: Licensing program, 30 location currently, aiming for 100 by the end of 2024. 

3. Training and Instruction: Virtual programming, personalized training, in-person mentors.

4. Underwater Torpedo League (UTL): "Full-contact" under water sport, co-ed teams, a force multiplier.

5. CrossFit Affiliation: Hybrid licensing, value proposition, building community.

6. Franchise Growth: Master licensees, international expansion, ongoing capital raise.

7. Life Lessons and Mottoes: "Make it happen", "When in doubt, focus out", breath control.

A few key takeaways:

1. Prime is known for his expertise in water survival training derived from his military experience. He explains how his training process, based on principles of military water survival, helps individuals gain confidence in the water, even if they don't know how to swim.

2. He discusses the Deep End Fitness program and its innovative approach to fitness. The program is being licensed to individuals and health clubs across the US as a performance program that complements other physical activities.

3. The UTL is an underwater sport that involves full-contact gameplay at the bottom of a pool using torpedoes. The league serves as an exciting force multiplier that adds value to licensees and creates a community around the Deep End Fitness program.

4. Finally, Prime shares some insightful military and performance philosophies, such as "When in doubt, focus out" to navigate stressful situations and the importance of breath for cognitive control. These philosophies offer practical guidance that can be applied not only in water-based activities but also in everyday life.

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