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Christine Howe has dedicated her entire career to staffing and recruiting in the HALO (Health, Active Lifestyle, Outdoors) industry for over 12 years. She recently ventured out on her own and started Fit Pro Finders, a staffing service catering specifically to the HALO space. She and her team work with a wide range of companies, from small to mid-sized independents, to franchise-owned and corporate facilities, to help them find the right personnel to drive their businesses forward.

Pete and Christine discuss the in's and out's of human capital and delve into the challenges of finding and retaining top talent, the importance of a holistic approach to staffing, and the need to shift the industry's perspective to a people-first mindset. They also touch on the significance of understanding a client's immediate needs and the lack of HR departments in some scenarios.

Regarding hiring from outside the industry, Christine is a fan. She states, "I've been having a lot of conversations with hiring managers about hiring talent outside of the industry. Looking at organizations like Starbucks, Disney, other hospitality-people first driven organizations that have a phenomenal customer service onboarding system and pulling people that are generally passionate about serving people through this modality."

Key themes discussed

  • Hiring outside industries: Expanding talent pool for unique perspectives.
  • Cost-effective recruiting: Assessing value for high-quality talent acquisition.
  • Candidate retention: Fostering growth and development within organizations.
  • Professionalism in staffing: Importance of authenticity and conscientiousness.
  • Revenue optimization for fitness: Shifting perspective to people-first industry.
  • Staffing for small to mid-sized companies: Understanding client needs and business model.

A few key takeaways:

1. Holistic staffing: Christine emphasizes the need for a comprehensive staffing approach, covering not only recruitment but also aspects like the interview process, onboarding, compensation, and company culture.

2. People-first perspective in the industry: The discussion sheds light on the significance of prioritizing the well-being and growth opportunities for fitness professionals, showcasing the industry as people-oriented.

3. Understanding competitiveness beyond pay rates: Christine highlights the challenges of retaining employees in a competitive industry and the need to consider factors beyond pay rates, reflecting a holistic view of employee retention.

4. Tailoring staffing solutions to specific business needs: The podcast emphasizes the importance of understanding a client's immediate staffing needs, timeline, and business model, underlining the need for a customized approach in staffing solutions.

5. Authenticity and preparation in the hiring process: The importance of authenticity in interviews, for both interviewers and interviewees, as well as the value of researching the company and preparing questions related to culture, growth plans, and training opportunities are crucial takeaways.

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