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In this episode, host Pete Moore sits down with long-time friend and former classmate Brian Paris to discuss a wide range of topics related to coaching, wellness, and personal development. Brian shares insights into his approach to coaching, emphasizing the importance of a holistic lifestyle, positive psychology, and the impact of habits and mindset. The conversation also delves a bit into the financial aspects of hiring a coach, the need for recovery and not glorifying burnout.

Brian is known for his charismatic personality and his continued evangelizing of the HALO lifestyle. Since he was a teen, he's been all about a movement-first lifestyle and eventually became a "movement nerd." Paris continues to make a name for himself with his unique approach and ability to connect with others. 

When discussing self-control and mindfulness, Paris states, "I've trained with therapists. I've trained with coaches. I've done specific work around breathwork, specific work with Native American traditions, and a whole bunch of things around silence and meditation . . . and it's absolutely nonstop. It's the journey."

Key themes discussed

  • Holistic approach: Embracing mind-body connection for coaching success.
  • Investment: Financial commitment and accountability for personal growth.
  • Executive coaching: Addressing burnout and recovery for high-level professionals.
  • Client connection: Delving deeper into clients' thinking for impactful coaching.
  • Mindset and neuroscience: Leveraging neurobiology for elite coaching relationships.
  • Business tools and partnerships: Utilizing tech and collaborations for coaching effectiveness.
  • Writing and authorship: Sharing knowledge and experiences through book projects.

A few key takeaways:

1. The importance of holistic coaching: Brian emphasizes the significance of approaching coaching from a holistic perspective, focusing on lifestyle, habits, mindset, sleep hygiene, and exercise to promote overall well-being.

2. Value of self-investment: There is a discussion about the financial commitment and accountability required for coaching, highlighting the value of investing in personal development and growth.

3. Embracing a proactive mindset: Dr. Paris encourages treating oneself as a high-level executive and stresses the need for recovery and avoiding burnout, promoting a proactive and sustainable approach to personal and professional development.

4. Deepening client connections: The conversation delves into the need for elite coaches to understand neurobiology, peak performance, and flow talks to deeply connect with clients, offering insights for established trainers to optimize client relationships.

5. Gratitude and collaboration: The episode provides a glimpse into the close relationship between Pete Moore and Dr. Paris, expressing gratitude and a shared journey of growth and learning, emphasizing the power of collaboration and mentorship in personal and professional development.


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