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Rina Raphael is a highly regarded, well-established writer and journalist who has covered a wide range of topics in the HALO sector from fitness and nutrition to biohacking and even strology startups! She currently has a highly regarded newsletter on substack called Well to Do, and in 2016 she authored the Gospel of Wellness which deep-dives into the changes she witnessed in the industry, highlighting both hopeful and troubling developments. Currently, she writes for prestigious outlets such as Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the LA Times, with a focus on cultural and sociological aspects of wellness trends.

Host Pete Moore and Raphael discuss topics such as the evolving trends in wellness, the challenges of reporting on wellness products, the intersection of wellness and religious communities, the impact of social and economic factors on health and wellness, and more. This episode offers an insightful look into the industry and the evolving landscape of health and wellness trends. If you are at all interested in keeping updated on the going's on in the space, her book and newsletter are must-reads. 

Regarding her current coverage, she states, "I cover more than just the business perspective now. I cover more of the cultural and sociological aspects. More and more, I'm trying to answer the question of why is everyone obsessed with a certain trend, why do certain things take off, and why are so many people turning to wellness."

Key themes discussed

  • Wellness industry evolution
  • Consumer skepticism
  • Bridging wellness and religion
  • Socioeconomic barriers to wellness
  • Women's health and wellness
  • Challenges for journalists in wellness reporting
  • The future of wellness

A few key takeaways:

1. Unpacking the space: Rina shares her journey into the industry and the insights she gained from covering everything from fitness to nutrition to biohacking and astrology startups.

2. Brand Credibility in Reporting: Rina discusses the challenges of reporting on wellness products and services that are not always backed by scientific evidence, emphasizing the need for brands to prove their efficacy to a increasingly skeptical consumer base.

3. Emerging Wellness Trends: The discussion spans from the growing interest in the outdoor market to the intersection of fitness and spirituality, highlighting the nuanced ways wellness is perceived and pursued within different cultural and socioeconomic contexts.

4. Wellness Accessibility: Rina talks about income and time barriers to wellness and emphasizes the importance of finding solutions that cater to the time-strapped and underserved populations.

5. Future Trends and Opportunities: Raphael identifies the women's health space (pelvic health, clinics, etc)  as an area poised for significant growth and impact in the wellness industry.

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