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Matthew Schober is the Co-Founder of Concierge Health (previously known as Gym Farm), a company that provides services to fitness facilities. Host Pete Moore and Matt discuss ancillary revenues, establishing new revenue streams for clubs, and the complex challenges and opportunities in the insurance and corporate markets. Matthew elaborates on how Concierge Health's platform--Connections--integrates AI coaching, nutrition, and employee well-being, offering an engaging experience for individuals and providing tools for partners. The conversation also delves into the practical aspects of managing employer programs and engaging senior individuals in fitness programs.

As a strategist navigating both the insurance and corporate terrains, Matt is attuned to the complexities within the Medicare market . . . and well aware of its lucrative potential through usage-based programs entwined with demanding operational protocols that often deter participation by clubs. He acknowledges the challenges faced in reporting and verification processes that force many to opt-out or selectively engage.

When it comes to new innovations for insurance client engagement, Schober states, "The part of Connections that we've really evolved it into from our experiences working with insurance companies was not only to create an engaging experience for the individual, but also to maximize partner exposure, and give partners tools in order to be able to utilize this effectively."

Key themes discussed

  • Complex business challenges with insurance and benefits.
  • Working with Optum, Tivity, SilverSneakers for programs.
  • Programs generate revenue, attract members, low cost.
  • Marketing opportunities for senior fitness clubs.
  • Maximizing efficiency in gym location operations.
  • Enhancing insurance experiences, managing partner relationships efficiently.

A few key takeaways:

1. Concierge Health focuses on providing concierge-level service and customizing benefits and journeys for individuals, while also supporting fitness facilities with high-level service and automations to drive new revenue streams.

2. There is a focus on engaging previously untapped markets such as insurance, Medicare, and corporate businesses to create opportunities for ancillary revenues for fitness clubs.

3. Their newest platform, Connections, offers an employer well-being and employee health and well-being engagement platform with AI coaching, nutrition, mental health, and behavioral health features.

4. The platform also integrates with various programs and partnerships, streamlining processes for clubs and offering tools for managing relationships and eligibility verification.

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