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Maxine Carrington is the Chief People Officer at Northwell Health. She's a highly recognized, dedicated, and forward-thinking professional who works closely with a team led by CEO Michael Dowling. Reflecting her company's expansive vision of health, she takes her role far beyond the traditional confines of her industry. Maxine is not one to simply wait for illness to manifest in her 85,000+ community; she is a proactive leader who seeks to address the root causes of health issues before they escalate into crises.

Health is not merely about treating the sick but encompasses all facets of well-being and personal fitness. Maxine and her team strive to transform communities holistically, acknowledging the profound impact they can have in fostering more substantial, more health-conscious environments.

Bold in advocacy and action, Carrington takes a firm stance on critical social issues such as gun violence and black maternal and infant mortality, treating racism as a public health emergency and pushing for greater sustainability. She is a dynamic force in redefining health care, advocating for a broader perspective that includes both prevention and a holistic response to the societal factors influencing community health.

Regarding the 'human element' in professional growth, Carrington states, "Throughout my career journey, I've always thought about the human being . . . I'm looking at this whole person thinking, 'How do we help this person get here? Who are they? If things go wrong, could we have prevented this? What did we do to help and enable?"

Key themes discussed

  • Career journey focused on whole person well-being.
  • Desired health benefits and insights from usage.
  • Loneliness identified as biggest health care issue.
  • Promoting economic equity, accessible, diverse fitness options.
  • HR restructuring for personalization, relationship, and connection.

A few key takeaways:

1. Carrington highlights Northwell's commitment to addressing not just physical health but broader societal issues impacting wellness, such as gun violence, maternal and infant mortality, racism, and sustainability. This broad view underlines the importance of a holistic approach to employee well-being and extends support beyond the workplace into households.

2. Carrington shares a very unique concept of treating Northwell team members as customers. She underlines the significance of active listening to meet employee needs, which is crucial in talent retention. This approach is a core strategy in creating a supportive work environment, and it's something that Northwell takes quite seriously.

3. Through the utilization of various platforms, Northwell is able to leverage data insights effectively. This not only helps streamline operations but also informs leadership decisions aimed at enhancing the experience for team members. Carrington discusses how such tools can facilitate improved communication and greater efficiency in workplace operations.

4. Addressing the socioeconomic diversity of employees, Carrington underscores the value of offering flexible membership levels and various price points in wellness initiatives, such as through partnerships with companies like Gympass. By providing subsidized access to fitness facilities, Northwell demonstrates its commitment to economic equity and ensuring that wellness is accessible to all team members.

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