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Henry Penix is an innovative entrepreneur in the holistic health industry who embarked on a transformative journey about eight years ago when he co-founded a unique clinic. This space was a melting pot of traditional and alternative medicines, featuring professionals ranging from MD's and DO's to chiropractors, offering a diverse array of healing modalities.

Amidst these varied treatments, Penix and his team discovered the profound impact of sound frequency therapies. Now the Executive Chairman of Soaak Technologies, this approach was so successful that they dedicated nearly half of their clinic to a sound frequency spa, where clients would immerse themselves in tailored 20-minute sessions designed to address their specific health concerns. These sessions proved highly effective for a myriad of issues, such as anxiety, depression, low energy, and hormonal imbalances, earning rave reviews for their restorative benefits.

Spotting the potential for broader access to these therapies, Penix's wife suggested digitizing the sound frequency experience. The team's timely action, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, launched the platform and growth was rather substantial. The digital incarnation of Penix's sound frequency spa transcended international borders, reaching 133 countries and accumulating over 20 million minutes of therapy usage. Penix not only revolutionized the way his clinic operated but created a global digital health movement centered on the healing power of sound, based on peer reveiwed papers and solid empirical data.

When it comes to launching your own product, Penix states, "I would suggest to the entrepreneurs listening . . . hold on to something as long as you can and certainly get your MVP (minimally viable product) working correctly. And then when you feel like you might be even holding your company back some because you're not taking on outside investment . . . then it's time to pour that rocket fuel and get it even further, all over the world. But if we did that before we were ready, it would just be like pouring rocket fuel on ice cubes instead of on a fire."

Key themes discussed

  • Started clinic, popular sound frequency spa, expanded globally.
  • Quantum computing accelerates creating energy in body.
  • Frequencies mixed with music and nature sounds.
  • Correcting body oscillations with specific frequencies.
  • Sympathetic resonance aligns frequencies to reduce anxiety.
  • Leading figure in the mind-body community touts benefits of sound therapy.

A few key takeaways:

1. Henry discusses Soaak, his technology company which taps into the potential of sound frequency therapies to treat a variety of conditions such as anxiety, depression, low energy, and hormonal health. This represents an innovative way to enhance wellness and recovery, potentially reducing the need for conventional medications for some individuals.

2. The conversation touches on the history and the science behind sound therapy, suggesting that its principles are age-old, arguably dating back to the beginning of time, with modern advancements like quantum computing now allowing for greater precision in applying frequencies for therapeutic purposes.

3. The Soaak technology can now be delivered through an app, making it a passive form of therapy that can be used while doing various activities. It offers personalized frequency compositions that can assist with specific needs, from relaxation to enhancing workout performance, indicating the flexibility of the application for different life aspects.

4. Henry reflects on his strategic decision to grow his company to the point where it garnered significant attention, potentially moving towards being traded on the NASDAQ. He advises other entrepreneurs to be cautious with growth and investment, emphasizing the importance of a strong and methodical foundation before scaling.

5. The conversation also highlighted the potential for integrating sound therapy into fitness and wellness facilities. They contemplate the idea that facilities can augment their offerings by incorporating sound therapy as an amenity, potentially enhancing the overall results and satisfaction for members.

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