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Nick Allen is the visionary Founder behind Sunnyside, a pioneering health and wellness app designed for individuals who consume alcohol regularly and are looking to moderate their habits without committing to complete sobriety. Motivated by the lack of middle-ground solutions in the alcohol health space, Nick identified a substantial demographic of people who drink more than what might be considered healthy and are interested in adjusting their drinking habits, yet have no intention of becoming 100% sober. 

Nick's approach with Sunnyside is unique because it focuses on mindfulness and moderation, providing a supportive tool for those who want to improve their health and wellness by being more conscious of alcohol's role in their lives. He recognized the dilemma faced by many who felt alienated by the traditional all-or-nothing solutions—either facing the stigma of admitting to being a problem drinker and pursuing complete sobriety or continuing without guidance. Sunnyside fills this much-needed gap by offering a practical, supportive resource for those seeking to bring their alcohol consumption into balance with their overall lifestyle goals, without the pressure to quit entirely.

He states, "70% of US adults regularly consume alcohol, and about 30% of drinkers drink more than the healthy amount as kind of defined by the CDC. And so that gives us a TAM (total addressable market) of about 70,000,000 adults just domestically, who are drinking more than a healthy amount and yet who are not necessarily open or interested in the idea of support."

Key themes discussed

  • Sunnyside promotes mindful alcohol consumption.
  • Growing awareness of alcohol's impact on wellness.
  • Exploring personal relationship with alcohol and moderation.
  • Premium tier offers proactive coaching at $298/year. High ROI for $99 subscription. Expanding into health and wellness ecosystem.
  • Alcohol overuse is a public health crisis.
  • Thousands benefit from new alcohol relationship program.
  • Promoting active lifestyle and mindfulness, ditching "wellness."

A few key takeaways:

1. Nick emphasizes the importance of mindful drinking and moderation through his app. The product addresses a middle ground for people who recognize they might be drinking more than a healthy amount, but aren't necessarily interested in complete sobriety. This approach fills a significant gap in current alcohol-related health services.

2. Unlike other apps that focus primarily on achieving complete sobriety for problem drinkers, Sunnyside offers a tool for those who want to manage their alcohol intake more mindfully without quitting entirely. This approach opens up the conversation on alcohol use in the broader context of health and wellness.

3. Nick discusses the subscription-based model of Sunnyside, highlighting two main tiers of service, ranging from $99 to $298 annually. He also spoke about exploring B2B channels for expansion, particularly partnerships with health clubs, wellness centers, and corporate wellness programs.

4. Women make up 70% of Sunnyside's users, and the service attracts both younger adults (21-25 years) and older groups (40+ and 60+ years). This diverse demographic engagement underscores the universal appeal of managing alcohol consumption healthily.

5. Allen also shares how the app had positively impacted users' lives, from improving relationships to helping users make gradual, significant changes in their alcohol consumption. These stories validate the app's approach and the tangible benefits of moderate drinking habits tied with overall wellness.

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