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We're excited to have Blake Rose and Brian Price from OLA Beach Tennis on the episode. These childhood friends-turned-entrepreneurs share their journey of bringing the vibrant and accessible sport of beach tennis from Rio's shores to the sands of Southern California. Learn how they transformed a fun discovery abroad into a flourishing community-building sport that mixes play, wellness, and social interaction. Beach tennis isn't simply about the game. These guys have created a fantastic space where people can connect authentically, get some exercise, and be outside, all without the traditional pressures of the standard "networking over drinks." 

Regarding the customer experience, they state, "We invest 100 percent of the profits back into the business. That's another thing to add is that because we're not drawing a paycheck from this, all the revenue we derive goes into the client experience, and it will in perpetuity while we're running it." 

Key themes discussed

  • Beach tennis: Competitive sport with growing popularity.
  • Italian players growing the game, brand emergence.
  • Beach tennis: Easy on the joints, fun for all.
  • Instruction provided by professional Brazilian players. Flexible levels.
  • Intentional, inclusive approach to growing beach tennis.
  • Networking through sports builds stronger team morale.

A few key takeaways:

1. One of the prominent themes is the focus on building a community around beach tennis. They emphasize inclusivity, ensuring that participants of all skill levels feel welcome and can engage with the sport. They've worked hard to create an environment where players of all levels can find a place, enhancing the social aspect and fostering connections among participants.

2. Another key takeaway is the idea of providing a healthier and engaging alternative to traditional social outings like bars. Events and games like beach tennis offer physical activity and fun while still facilitating networking and social interactions, arguably enriching connections more than standard social drinking settings.

3. The episode also delves into how beach tennis is growing as a sport globally, with roots in places like Italy and significant communities in Brazil, Miami, Osaka, and now in Southern California. This accessibility and growing popularity point towards it being an emerging trend in recreational and competitive sports.

4. The founders also discuss managing their day jobs while growing the beach tennis community. This balance allows them to reinvest profits back into their events, focusing on community and user experience over rapid financial growth. This model could inspire other entrepreneurs to pursue their passions even if they work full-time jobs.

5. The conversation also highlighted how sports like beach tennis might contribute to helping solve larger societal issues like loneliness, obesity, and general health by getting people actively engaged in enjoyable physical activities, not "just" the gym. The discussion encourages other communities and leaders to think about similar inclusive sports initiatives for substantial social impact.

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