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Neal Valera's passion for golf began in college, where he competed at the collegiate level. Aspiring to turn pro, he realized he wasn't quite at that level. Unwilling to settle for a "traditional desk job," he began personal training in 2007. His entreprenurial spirit led him to collaborate with his business partner, Dennis Dunphy, in 2015. Together, they attended a course with Dr. Arthur Faygenholtz who specialized in stick stretching. Inspired by their mentor, Neal and Dennis developed an innovative fitness method that combined this with strength training and isometrics. 

Neal chats about the technology and development behind Stick Mobility, including the unique engineering that makes the sticks both flexible and durable. He also goes on to discuss their certification process to ensure trainers can maximize use of their product.

When asked about what really kicked them off, Valera states, "After posting on social media for a while, we got a message from the head strength coach of the Cincinnati Bengals at the time. He thought it looked really interesting and wanted to meet up with us. We met with him for for 2 hours at their hotel to show what we do, and he loved it!"

Key themes discussed

  • From golf to personal training.
  • How the stick training evolved away from weekend classes with bamboo sticks.
  • Consider integrating stretch into fitness routines for results.
  • Ways to use Stick Mobility for training.
  • Idea for affiliating with colleges to create products.
  • Unsolicited testimonial praises game-changing product.

A few key takeaways:

1. Neal discussed the journey of creating Stick Mobility, starting from a simple idea inspired by stick stretching. He evolved the concept by incorporating strength training and isometric exercises, resulting in a comprehensive fitness tool used by various demographics, including youth and adult athletes.

2. The growth of Stick Mobility was significantly boosted by partnerships, notably with Dr. Arthur Faygenholtz who taught them about stick stretching, and later with clients to create a robust product. Neal highlighted the collaboration with the Cincinnati Bengals that served as major validation and launchpad for the company's certification program.

3. The importance of certifying instructors was emphasized. Neal explained the rigorous two-day process that includes both practical and written exams, ensuring that trainers are thoroughly equipped to teach Stick Mobility techniques. They now have over 500 certified trainers worldwide.

4. Stick Mobility's versatility makes it suitable for various fitness regimes and rehabilitation programs. He pointed out its use in dynamic warm-ups, active recovery, and even specific sports training such as golf and baseball. The sticks offer a unique blend of strength and mobility training.

5. Neal shared valuable advice for entrepreneurs. He emphasized the importance of having a team where each member specializes in different areas, avoiding the trap of trying to do everything by yourself. He also spoke about the practical use of the product with real clients to continuously test and refine it. Neal’s approach also reflected a balance between growing the business and maintaining high-quality, effective products.

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