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Sara Al Hardan's journey into the fit tech industry began unexpectedly when she joined a small startup that unfortunately didn't succeed. This eventually led her to connect with Jeff Miller who shared with her an innovative lateral motion device called the Phantom Edge, which he and his brother Ken invented. With a strong background and passion for health, wellness, and mobility—fueled by her personal connection to Parkinson's disease through her mother—Sara jumped in.

She and Pete discuss the market need for posterior lateral motion devices and the potential impact on rehab and physical therapy. Sara also delves into the aspects of launching a startup, emphasizing the importance of strategic marketing and fostering key relationships within the industry.

About the Edge itself, Sara states, "This is a fully instrumented device, which is a little bit different. Because you're moving side to side, what it does is actually takes bilateral measurements for a number of different attributes that's going to help not only the end user on the machine, but also the physical therapist or an athletic trainer who's working with them."

Key themes discussed

  • Found fitness tech, connected with Co-Founder. Joined company.
  • Integrating tech for improved physical therapy outcomes.
  • New retail launch for wellness and longevity.
  • Positive feedback, progress, and preparation for launch.
  • Focus on marketing ROI for health industry.
  • Work smarter, not harder, build relationships. Passion.

A few key takeaways:

1. The Phantom Edge's unique feature is its posterior lateral motion, different from traditional fitness devices like an elliptical or rower. The device specifically targets joint health in the hips and knees, with an emphasis on mobility and motion for overall health benefits.

2. The product is designed to support joint health by providing friction resistance and a range of motion that targets major and minor muscle groups in the lower body. It can be used for rehabilitation post-surgery, physical therapy, sports performance, and general fitness, offering measurable goals for users.

3. The company plans to target both professional audiences (healthcare providers, physical therapists, sports medicine) and consumers by offering a professional unit priced at $3,900 and a future consumer version at a lower price point. Their focus includes partnerships with wellness chains, boutique fitness studios, and key industry influencers to establish brand credibility and create awareness.


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