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Barbara Safani began her career in human resources with a specialization in recruiting candidates. Her career took a transformative turn when she found herself searching for new opportunities and ended up having to revamp her own professional narrative. This provided her with valuable insights into the many challenges job seekers face. Motivated by her newfound perspective, she decided to leverage her recruitment skills to help candidates present themselves more effectively to potential employers. She now dedicates herself to aiding job seekers in crafting compelling resumes and narratives to successfully land their desired positions.

With 14 international awards to her name and a wealth of credentials, Barbara owns Career Solvers, and has dedicated herself to helping others successfully navigate their own career paths. Host Pete Moore and Executive Producer David Ganulin dive into Barbara's journey from human resources and recruiting to becoming a highly sought-after career coach. They explore the intricacies of resume writing, the importance of LinkedIn, and how to effectively communicate your career journey. Whether you're looking to pivot industries, understand the value of transferable skills, or simply want tips on job searching in today's market, this episode is packed with valuable insights.

If you choose to seek professional help, Safani states, "If somebody does decide they want to work with someone professionally, it can be a little bit daunting. It's not a super regulated industry. I would encourage people to do their homework. There there are multiple certifications that resume writers go through in order to really hone their writing skills. If you're working with somebody or if you if you inquire to somebody, ask them if you'll be working with them or someone on their team. Because you might like that person or develop a rapport, but then you're handed off to somebody else."

Key themes discussed

  • Transitioned from HR to career coaching expertise.
  • LinkedIn complements traditional resumes, but has limitations.
  • Resumes should highlight achievements, not just tasks.
  • Explaining job transitions and balancing job search.
  • Candidates overlook red flags, need industry transition.
  • Choose authentic but non-damaging weaknesses for interviews.
  • Appreciate your impact and mentorship in community.

A few key takeaways:

1. Safani emphasizes the importance of identifying and highlighting transferable skills when changing careers. She points out that many skills acquired in one industry can be relevant and valuable in another.

2. Resumes should tell a story of accomplishments rather than just listing job responsibilities. Barbara advises job seekers to focus on how their actions benefited their employers, thus creating a compelling narrative that showcases their impact.

3. While LinkedIn is an essential tool for professional networking and visibility, it has limitations. A thoughtfully crafted resume can provide more detailed and specific information suited to particular job applications. Both should be used in tandem to complement each other.

4. Barbara highlights that most people secure jobs through relationships rather than by applying online. She advises job seekers to use their resumes as tools to anchor conversations and build relationships with potential employers, rather than relying solely on online job portals.

5. It is important to account for transitions and explain any gaps or frequent job changes upfront on a resume. Employers may make assumptions about gaps or job hopping, so providing context, such as a role being ended due to downsizing or a consulting gig, can help eliminate potential biases and lead to more productive conversations.

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