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Brynn Scarborough, CEO of JK Products, has been instrumental in revolutionizing the recovery space through her innovative approach and forward-thinking vision. With over 40 years of experience in the tanning and sunshine sector, Scarborough's company expanded its focus about five to six years ago to include stackable amenities in recovery and wellness spaces.

Anticipating industry trends long before they became mainstream, she began exploring touchless and labor-free modalities even before the global pandemic sped things along in that direction anyway. Her contributions have positioned her as a pioneer in integrating advanced wellness solutions into the HALO sector.

On maximizing boutique fitness revenue, she states, "Whether it's a massage, whether it's red light, whether it's recovery . . . there are multiple things you could do that don't add staff and don't take up extra extra square footage that you don't already have, things that get that extra click out of every person that comes through the door, or get those few percentage that moves the needle."

Key themes discussed

  • Diverse modalities enhance foot traffic and profits.
  • Competing med spas are damaging health club business.
  • Traditional fitness industry needs to adapt to recovery space.
  • Loyalty in boutique fitness is a problem.
  • Remodeling opens space for fitness equipment variety.
  • Brands focus on education and messaging impact.

A few key takeaways:

1. Brynn highlighted the significance of touchless and labor-free modalities such as dry water massage and red light infrared technology. These not only enhance recovery and wellness, but also address current challenges like labor shortages and rising labor costs.

2. The conversation about wellness and recovery has significantly shifted, especially post-COVID. Consumers now expect more from their fitness experiences beyond the traditional "no pain, no gain" model. Fitness centers need to integrate up-regulation (workouts) and down-regulation (recovery) offerings to meet these new expectations.

3. There's a huge opportunity for clubs and studios to repurpose underutilized spaces, such as areas used for towels or other non-revenue generating purposes. Adding recovery amenities like compression technology, red light therapy, and dry water massage can significantly boost revenue without substantial increases in overhead.

4. For gym owners who are hesitant to remodel, the WellSystem water massage is highlighted as an initial investment. This product is great because it can be placed in open spaces, requires minimal staff intervention, and has a quick ROI. This approach helps gradually introduce recovery services into fitness centers.

5. Brynn addressed the need for integrated recovery protocols tailored to individual fitness routines. While the technology for various recovery modalities is available, the industry still lacks comprehensive guidance for users on how to optimize these services. Educating both consumers and fitness facility operators remains crucial for successful integration and utilization of these recovery solutions.

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