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Nancy Trent, inspired by her father's early dedication to health, cultivated a lifelong passion for wellness. Recognizing a gap in the market 30 years ago, when wellness was an unfamiliar concept and healthy products were met with skepticism, she pioneered the first wellness public relations (PR) firm. Trent's innovative vision and relentless efforts helped shape the burgeoning wellness industry, turning what was once a niche into a mainstream movement.

Nancy talks about her journey from the early days of promoting Reebok to navigating the complex landscape of traditional and social media. We'll explore the nuances between advertising and PR, the challenges of quantifying PR's return on investment, and the power of leveraging national publicity for local media traction.

Nancy also offers invaluable advice on crafting compelling PR campaigns, crisis management, and the importance of aligning marketing and sales efforts. Plus, we touch on the success stories like SoulCycle that have thrived through word-of-mouth and PR rather than traditional advertising. From enhancing your brand's credibility to engaging with local communities and media, this episode is packed with insights for anyone looking to elevate their wellness brand. As of this show being published (July 1, 2024) there will also be series of 5 articles (published weekly) from Nancy on the Integrity Square blog. Be sure to check that out. (https://www.integritysq.com/blog)

On the difference between ads and PR Trent states, "When you see an ad in a magazine, a digital ad, or an ad on television, you know that people pay for it. When you're reading something in an article or you're seeing somebody interviewed on Good Morning America or Entertainment Tonight, you don't know that there are people who are trying to make that happen. Nobody's getting paid. You're not supposed to be getting paid, and that is one of the problems that's going on today with media. So, because you're not paying for advertising, publicity is a lot cheaper." 

Key themes discussed

  • Advertising is paid for, PR is not.
  • Fitness industry brands use strategic messaging techniques.
  • PR agency for crisis management.
  • Adapting fitness brands during COVID, trending concepts.
  • Understanding target audience, brand message, and media.
  • Brands' value is key in acquisition business.
  • Focus on value, growth, and preparation for success.

A few key takeaways:

1. Nancy emphasizes that public relations often precedes advertising in budget planning due to its cost-effectiveness and credibility. PR helps build a reputable image, which can later be leveraged in advertising for enhanced believability and engagement.

2. By securing national media coverage, businesses can boost their local presence and credibility. Trent underscores the significance of using national PR to drive local media interest and the importance of recycling articles to maximize their promotional value.

3. Both Pete and Nancy stress the necessity of being prepared for potential crises. Having PR firms on standby and utilizing goodwill proactively ensures that a brand can effectively manage public perception during unexpected events.

4. Nancy highlights that marketing efforts should align with current wellness and health trends. By tying products to what consumers are interested in, brands can garner more attention and create trends that contribute to exponential growth.

5. To enhance press coverage and community engagement, Nancy advises businesses to partner with local media, celebrities, and other relevant stakeholders. This not only increases visibility but also builds stronger local ties and boosts credibility.

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