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In today's episode host Pete Moore talks with Mauro Frota, the innovative mind behind BHOUT-a company that's revolutionizing the exer-gaming industry by merging gaming and boxing into an immersive, competitive experience. Mauro takes us through the unique premise of his company, which offers a trifecta of modes: learning, playing for clubs, and pure competition. 

Mauro is an innovative entrepreneur,and product designer specializing in cutting-edge materials and durable hardware. Dedicated to pushing the limits of product design, Frota has been experimenting with bio-materials such as cactus leaves for exterior components and vegan leather for the outside of the bag. His commitment to durability and performance has led to the development of 5 to 10 different product prototypes, and his ultimate goal is to create hardware that meets the extreme standards of high-performance athletes, including MMA fighter Francis Ngannou, known for his record-breaking strike power. 

His ambitious expansion plans include 20 new units across Portugal, Spain, Brazil, and the US. He also shares insights into their cutting-edge AI technology, impressive collaborations with top-tier institutions and their journey toward making BHOUT kickboxing studios a global phenomenon. 

Regarding what BHOUT can do, Frota states, ". . . It's very unique. Everything that is tangible in a real fight, we can measure it. We can measure the number of strikes, the accuracy, exertion, and power. We can even measure technique and compare it with a pre-trained biomechanical model. All this is is transformed into points . . . which plays into the gaming aspect."

Key themes discussed

  • Benefits of working for Precor and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Steve Jobs on product design and collaboration.
  • Started in B2B, product tested extensively. Opposite of Peloton or Tonal.
  • Few equipment brands have retail and studios.
  • Universe bringing industry together through technology and competition.
  • Revenue generated in Europe comparable to SOLIDCORE model in USA.

A few key takeaways: 

1. Mauro's company has ingeniously blended the gaming industry with physical exercise through their innovative product. Their exer-game platform transforms workouts into engaging, competitive experiences.

2. Mauro shared his inspiring journey of translating a dream about a kickboxing space into a thriving business. His background in martial arts fueled his passion for making combat sports accessible to the masses through advanced technology.

3. The company has ambitious expansion strategies, with plans to open 20 new units across Portugal, Spain, Brazil, and the US. They aim to scale both franchise and corporate-owned locations, potentially including a presence in New York City.

4. The AI technology developed by Mauro's team is a core strength of the company, attracting high-profile clients like LinkedIn and Marriott Hotels. Collaborations with the University of Lisbon indicate a promising future for extending their product's reach.

5. Mauro detailed the development of a new product line featuring four prototypes constructed from bio-materials like cactus leaves and environmentally friendly water bladders, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. The product has proven very successful in business-to-business settings and is already a top performer in a Portuguese club, showcasing its profitability and strong market reception.

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