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Erika Flint is an award-winning hypnotist, best-selling author, speaker, co-host of the popular podcast series Hypnosis, Etc., and co-host of the radio program Reprogram Your Health. She is the founder of Cascade Hypnosis Center and the creator of the Reprogram Your Weight System

"Hypnosis allows us to be the CEO of our own operating system. . .it helps business owners make very clear decisions and feel good about them--and that's paramount," she says. In this chat, she and Pete discuss why hypnosis is becoming more popular, the hurdles the pharmaceutical industry poses, differences between meditation and hypnosis, how you know if hypnosis is right for you, differences between guided meditations and hypnosis, and more! 

Check out a great hypnosis relaxation recording for free here and if and you'd like a free copy of her books - Reprogram Your Weight, Lighter, or Can You Be a Hypnotist - email erika@cascadehypnosiscenter.com and she will send a PDF version.

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