Home » Episode #211: Geoff Schneider, Managing Director & Founder, Cava Capital
"Many entrepreneurs--especially returning entrepreneurs--want investors focused on what's best for the company, not what's best for the VC's portfolio . . .they don't want the goat rodeo, as I call it," states Geoff Schneider, Founder of Cava Capital. As an investor and operator for the past 30 years in the HALO sector, Geoff is also the Founder of Lymbr and investor in Fit Lab. Cava is currently raising a $40m pooled early stage capital fund. Pete and Geoff chat about the direction of fund, what they look for in new companies and entrepreneurs, why the typical VC "shoot the moon" strategy is problematic, different funding strategies in the VC world, and more. This is a must listen for any entrepreneur looking to learn more about early stage funding.

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