Home » Episode #187: Joana Meneses, Founder, BodyRoots
"Just move! It doesn't have to be about how many sets, reps, and time. There is no magic pill. We are the magic pill!" states entrepreneur Joana Meneses. Founder of BodyRoots, Joana has been in the HALO sector since 1999. She dove into Pilates head first just as it was gaining in popularity and quickly became one of the top Stott Pilates Master Trainers in the early days, travelling all over the world training trainers. On her return, she began (and ran) the highly regarded Pilates program at the former Printing House Fitness for 8 years. She recently went "back to her roots" in the Azores and established Liquid Roots, running sold out retreats biannually for the past 5 years. Listen now to learn more from this experienced industry veteran! 

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