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Kaumil Gajrawala is the author of a seminal, recently released (April 6, 2021) initiating coverage report from Credit Suisse titled, Wellness Sector Initiation: An Apple a Day which can be downloaded here

"We think HALO will be a $7 trillion industry. Not every piece will be a winning piece . . . but at the end of the day you're talking about something growing very significantly on a global basis," he states. 

Integrity Square views this as a critical milestone for the industry in that it's the first time a top-tier investment bank such as Credit Suisse has authored a report strictly focused on the wellness (HALO) sector.

Kaumil discusses his thoughts on scaling, valuations, brand building, certain benchmarks to be aware of, the pitfalls of looking at public company comps, running a private versus public company, the #1 performing stock of all stocks since the 2000's,  (it's not who you think!), his bullish thoughts on the sector moving forward and more!

Click here to download transcript.

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