Home » Episode #242: Kyle Bergman, CEO & Co-Founder, Sweat from Home
"Part of our Mission is to conduct an amazing, two way, connected, live stream workout with coaches that see and care about you. . . and two-way is the word I want to repeat! We're one of the leaders in it, and it's what the Peloton's of the world simply aren't doing," states CEO and serial entrepreneur Kyle Bergman. A former lacrosse college athlete who went on to play on the Israeli national team, Kyle got his retail background at Bloomingdales, coached for 4 years at Orange Theory and Flywheel and founded Sweat From Home due to COVID. This wide ranging chat touches on the critical importance of focusing on hiring the right people for word-of-mouth growth, the importance of using breakout rooms in ZOOM, dealing with competitors, and how Five Guys Burgers are critical to the fitness industry! (Not a typo!) Listen now to learn more.

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