Home » Episode #124: Norm & Justin Cates, Club Insider
Club Insider has become the "gatekeeper of the industry's history," says Assistant Publisher, Justin Cates. . . and anyone who truly knows the HALO space knows he's not exaggerating! If you haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting Justin's Dad, Norm. . .perhaps you haven't been around long enough and you're missing out! Industry icon, Norm Cates, is one of the Founders of IHRSA with 44 years under his belt and began Club Insider in 1993 from the ground up. Justin spent the past 11 years working with his Dad to take things to the next level and by all accounts, they have succeeded! Listen now to learn more about this great team, Club Insider, the history of IHRSA, and some thoughts on the cyclical nature of the fitness world.

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