Home » Episode #261: Praveen Kashyap and Mike Alpert, Smart Health Clubs
Praveen Kashyap is the CEO of Smart Health Clubs and a self- professed, "Born inventor, engineer, and now entrepreneur!" He came to the USA in 1987, did his Ph.D in Computer Science, and among his many other achievements, led the Samsung digital R&D group for the very first smart TV. He partnered with Mike Alpert, COO, and a 20+ year industry veteran. "We took the vision Mike had of single platform that does everything and would be member facing . . . and that's what we built." They chat about the response of the industry when promised an "all in one" solution, how they were able to grow their customer base in the middle of COVID (30 locations to over 100, increased customer acquisition 19%, and revenue growth 34%.), how to prioritize updates to a SaaS product while balancing consumer demand, and more.

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