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Sal has been in the industry since 1979, first as a club owner and then in 1984 when he moved to selling equipment. "You have to put yourself in the position of the customer . . . you have to see what's happening in the field and need boots on the ground. You need to see what customers are doing!" he states. He recently returned from his first 6 day road trip post-COVID and brings good news! He gives his take on the current "temperature" of the industry, some positives that have resulted from the pandemic (adaptation to tech/virtual), and reports on trends emerging inside the clubs. In a notable positive development, many of his customers are raising their prices as "the race to the bottom doesn't do anybody any good." He chats about his excitement around the sale of Precor to Peloton, opines on where the industry is heading, and more! This timely, bullish podcast from an industry veteran is a must listen--especially now as things continue to open up!

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