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With a challenging history of severe autoimmune disease, Shauna Reiter's journey to eventually founding Alaya Naturals has been a long, but rewarding one. Their annual revenue is $6 million with over 100,000+ customers and a team size of 5!

On evaluating other products, she states, "You have to ask whose agenda is it? What's their Mission and purpose? Who are they associated with? If there's a big profit to be gained, then sometimes quality can be overlooked, and there's plenty of marketing gimmicks that . . can mean nothing. You have to do a deeper level of research."

In a wide-ranging chat with Pete, she continues on to discuss the role politics and law play in the nutrition and supplement industry, (e.g., the use of the term "organic"), the need to let go from time to time when it comes to diet and nutritional choices, the importance of slowing down and not rushing a product to market, challenges in keeping a company small and personal versus scaling too fast and (possibly) losing credibility, and more!

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