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The Joy of Mom's Mission is, "To unite and empower women everywhere to be unapologetic warriors and sisters while navigating the ever-evolving life cycle of motherhood." To say they've succeeded would be an understatement! Founder Vicki Reece has, from the ground up, built a "natural, organic, beautiful community of over 5 million Mom's!" "They have a 60 million reach average monthly," which is, according to COO Dush Ramachandran, "Completely organic. Not one like or share has been paid for. Every post gets 1.5 billion annual impressions. Videos get 334 million annual views. 80 million annual engagements."

This incredible community not only continues to grow, but engagement grows with it (which is usually not the case.) Dush and Vicki discuss how to know when to "let the business go" to allow it to grow, fundraising, the importance of providing "trust based value" (the right company valuation will follow!), where the community is going, and much more! 

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