Home » Episode #61: David Barton, TMPL Gym Visionary and Founder
David focuses on the science behind creating impeccable impressions throughout spaces to enhance the experience before, during, and after a workout.


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  • HEY….great interview….i try my best to search every now and then about what David is up to these days…but all i ever get is old material;this is terrific recent stuff…
    Maybe someone can get word to him,that ive been trying to contact him about some cutting edge strength equipment designs that ive developed; i walked into TMPL (Hells K) many years ago,had a chat with him and showed him a video of the very first machine of its kind and he was real curious to know more;..well there’s more,PLENTY more.
    Just wish i could figure a way to talk….im very sure he’s a busy guy and he’s trying to get past covid like everyone else;my family roots are NYC,queens+the bronx; so i know the covid situation in nyc right now: SLOW GO.
    So again,please pass a message to David that i have the patents and ability to deliver
    one-of-a- kind equipment to any gym he wants,after i find a builder;covid obviously brought the industry to a screeching halt….

    thanks! Scott in NH,…………….for now..

  • forgot to include…that im also aware that David may be a little fatigued from my messaging in the past…so it has occurred to me that he may be thinking “thanks,we’re all set for now…”…
    i dont wanna drive anyone nuts….but 1 thing i know for sure: he wants the coolest strength concepts on the planet,in his gyms.
    He’s not going to get that from so many conventional equipment Co.’s that have forgotten we’re in a different century,with a need for more exciting ideas.