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As former college athlete, Peter brings his many lessons learned on the field into all top companies he works with. He currently serves as an Advisor, Board Member, CEO and Investor. Having worked at Fortune 100 companies in the past, he now works with Xponential Brands, Yoga6, was the former CEO of Velocity Sports, is a Senior Advisor to Athletic Republic, Chairman of UpperHand, and others.

In this wide ranging conversation with Pete, Peter discusses the top three things an executive must consider if asked to serve on a board, plans for the Xponential XPASS, how he thinks through looking at a new business ("The key thing is it's always about the people. I only get involved with really good people. I genuinely like the people and groups I'm involved in.") and more.

Peter's breath & depth of experience in the HALO sector at all levels makes this podcast a must-listen for not only seasoned executives, but those who want to take their skills to the next level as well. 

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