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We're pleased to announce the recent merger of The Athlete Book into GamePlan!  "This is a huge strategic initiative for us," states Max Wessell, Chairman of the Board. 

The industry leader in the space, GamePlan was founded nearly 14 years ago with the idea of helping athletes get jobs. Currently with 300+ athletic departments, over 100,000 athletes averaging ~1,400+ e-learning courses a day, GamePlan counts the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL and others as partners. "We help an athlete move through their entire journey experiencing campus," states McCaffrey. "What better place is there than the HALO sector for an athlete to land?" 

"We are Mission aligned, with Ryan" says Wessell. "We're trying to improve the student athlete experience, and a big part of that means a better outcome after college, and having employers value their athletic experience in college." 

Ryan Drummond, Founder of the Athlete Book, has appeared on HALO Talks twice previously (interviews here and here) and is now part of the GP team. He touches on the (very substantial) number of benefits recruiting college athletes, "According to the National Association of College of Employers, over 80% surveyed said the number one trait they want in candidates is the ability to work in a team!" The challenge has always been, how employer brands could find their way to get in front of these prized candidates.

"It's far more than just a transactional, job board approach," he continues. "It's building the relationships with the right employers who see the benefit of a proactive, long term, pipeline strategy to bring athletes into their organization and educate them at the same time." 

To that end, in the summer 2022, GamePlan will launch GamePlan Academy focused on career development skills with two courses--the first on B2B sales, and the second on management training with more already in development. 

There is nobody else in the market doing what GamePlan is doing and no better opportunity for HALO sector brands to tap into this incredibly driven talent pool from the beginning of their college years and beyond. 

Contact Ryan Drummond now (ryan@theathletebook.com) for more information and to explore all available options. 

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