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"Culture can never be something where you just check the box. Once you've built that culture, you're not done! It takes every single day," states Joel Goldberg, speaker, broadcaster and author of Small Ball, Big Results.  

The parallels between sports and business are undeniable, and Goldberg shares some 'in the trenches' stories with Pete on everything from recruiting, finding the right roles for employees (athletes) and more!

He also provides some real life examples (involving athletes you probably heard of!) of on-field behavior, how it was handled, and applicability for business. 

Joel has spent more than a quarter century on television, relying on relationship building to tell athletes’ stories. His unique access enables him to share lessons learned from the baseball field to the board room as a motivational speaker and to homes everywhere through his business podcast.

Joel was very difficult to book as a guest due to his busy schedule, and we're grateful to him and his team for making it happen. This is a must listen for anyone in the HALO sector. 

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