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After playing Gaelic games professionally for nearly 15 years, JP and Dermot started Gaelic Performance, a firm which sold equipment into the highly niched Gaelic sports market. Sandbags and other products didn't really hold up and they ended up developing a much more sturdy and versatile product called the RAM and started RAMfit (Recycle And Move.)

There's a heavily green ethos to the company and the product is made from recycled tires (which are heavily regulated in Europe) and steel from companies based in Ireland. 

"Looking back on it now, we were that entrepreneur who thought we can go our own way. One big thing we learned from the Spartan Race partnership was that, yes, while we have a very good product, at the end of the day, we're not going to revolutionize the world of fitness with it. So what benefits us is actually going out there and seeking these partnerships. That's what has accelerated our growth and which will help our growth in the future," states McArdle.

JP and Dermot discuss their fantastic partnerships with Yancy Culp, the Spartan Race, how they survived post-COVID, their new partnership with Camp Gladiator, the benefits of going "deep" instead of "wide" so you can own your market, and more! 

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