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Eric Casaburi is the founder of Serotonin Enterprises, a company that provides anti-aging solutions through hormone replacement therapy, nutritional coaching, and fitness programs. He is also a franchise consultant and has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. In his second appearance on HALO Talks, he chats with host Pete Moore on what he's been doing since he founded Retro Fitness many years prior. 

The Serotonin anti-aging platform is a new way to help you look and feel younger. In this episode you will learn:

1. The importance of serotonin in the body and how it affects mood and happiness.
2. The potential for franchising Serotonin locations in order to provide services on a larger scale.
3. The range of services that Serotonin offers, including body contouring, weight loss, and immunity shots.

"I started my career in the industry 20 years ago, and I saw a need for a more holistic approach to health and fitness that addressed the needs of an aging population. I spent 2019 and 2020 researching the best way to provide this type of service, and I launched Serotonin Enterprises as a way to provide happiness and results to people who are struggling with their health. Our services include immunity therapies, body contouring, medical weight loss, and hormone replacement therapy. We have a network of health and fitness professionals that we work with to provide the best possible care for our clients, and we are always looking for ways to improve our services and grow our business," states Casaburi.

This space is only getting larger and if you own a brick and mortar facility--the post workout/recovery space is something everyone needs to pay close attention to. 

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