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Sumner Hanna is a professional fitness instructor, former professional dancer, and Founder of Sumner Leigh Athletics. She's been teaching SoulCycle classes for over seven years and is currently also trainer with CLIMBR. Growing up as a professional dancer paved a way for a life of sweat and creativity for her. She worked on tours, TV shows, and music videos before eventually immersing herself in the realm of boutique fitness. She taught everything from Barre, Cycle, HIIT, strength training, and even celebrity dance cardio classes!

She mentions, "Now that we're two years after the pandemic, I kind of feel like people are craving the energy to be back in a room, working out with others, instead of on a digital platform. For some people, digital stuck because they've been doing it at home for a while now. I think the majority though are craving that energy and environment and community again."

In this episode, Sumner touches on:

1. The psychology of the "new normal" and how she thinks things are going to play out in the world of fitness.
2. The importance of treating instructors well, paying them well, and offering them career growth opportunities.
3. The critical role that marketing has always played (and will continue to play!) in the future success of fitness studios. 

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