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Nearly 30 years ago, Fit Bodies came up with the unique idea of meeting high end resort's staffing needs by matching them with highly experienced and credentialed fitness professionals who were willing to teach a few classes while they were on vacation. It's a business model that has served the Founder, Suzelle Snoden, quite well over the years. She has over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, and her company has placed instructors in some of the most prestigious resorts in the world with a network of approximately 50,000 instructors across the globe representing all all specialty areas. (Pilates, yoga, cycling, etc.) 

"So what we're doing for our clients, our hotel partners, is we're providing that programming for their fitness with qualified educated professionals that they wouldn't know how to resource. Those people actually having their own vacation, the instructors, and while they're on the property, they teach classes to the resort guests. They're actually inspiring people to be healthy and happy while they're on vacation so that hopefully their lifestyle might change . . . our clients, the hotels, they respect that we understand and know who is educated. We follow up on that and screen them 100% to make sure they're not only educated, but also have the background to be able to provide this high amenity that matches the amenities the hotels are already offering in all the other areas."

This episode dives a bit deeper into the business model and services offered by Fit Bodies. Because of their extensive relationships over the past 30 years with group instructors nationwide, Fit Bodies is also a place that fitness companies nationwide should strongly consider reaching out to for their staffing needs as well.

In this episode, you will learn:

1. How the fitness industry has changed and evolved over the last few years, especially around COVID.
2. Why it's important to have highly qualified and educated instructors teaching classes at resorts. 
3. The trends around yoga, Pilates, cycling, and other modalities in the resort/vacation space. 

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