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Join Randi Eisenshtat, a long-time industry veteran as she shares her story of initially starting out teaching everything from cardio funk and hip hop to getting involved with the fundraising world helping secure hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profits like St. Jude, Cycle for Survival, the Sunrise Assocation, and others.

She has over 17 years of experience having worked for Lifetime and Equinox, still teaches, and runs a financial planning practice as well. She's recently done a great deal of work with the incredible Sunrise Association, a now international organization that provides a full service summer camp for children with cancer and their siblings. She continues to work tirelessly . . . combining her love of fitness and fundraising. The second annual RISE UP for Sunrise was held September 2022 and raised nearly $14,000! 

She's seen a lot of change in the HALO sector, and when it comes to the 'big box versus boutique' question she states, "I find that these big box gyms, because they are providing everything under one roof for a really decent price given what they're offering . . . they're always going to be there. They're never going anywhere. And that's, I think, what is keeping (especially over the last couple of years with the pandemic) some of these bigger businesses a float and some of the smaller ones obviously are no longer in business.

In this episode, Pete and Randi discuss: 

1. Randi Eisenshtat's journey in the health club industry, from teaching dance classes to managing group fitness programs in large organizations and her thoughts on fundraising as well as where the industry is going. 

2. The psychology of how large clubs think about group fitness, and how they can compete with smaller boutiques offering more specialized services.

3. The Sunrise nonprofit organization, their fundraising events, and how you can get involved.

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