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In his second appearance on HALO Talks and as the now newly installed President of Stronger U (part of the Self Esteem umbrella), Adam Zeitsiff discusses their Mission of helping people achieve their nutrition goals and build meaningful human relationships with RD's and certified nutrition coaches, challenging the 95% diet failure rate and revolutionizing the way we think about nutrition. Stronger U has now been in business for 7 years and has an incredibly supportive community of 50,000+ strong! 

"There's no shortage of apps and tools out there that use technology and help drive people to understand [nutrition] education. I think what we've been really successful at doing is humanizing the approach . . . We're unapologetically about the human-to-human relationship, because what's more intimate than what you put in your body? There's not a lot of things that are more intimate than that. And you need another human to help guide you through it and understand not just the specifics about what you're eating, but why you're eating it," states Zeitsiff. 

Stronger U is direct-to-consumer but also has select partnerships with fitness facilities to provide nutrition support. Generally speaking, the program lasts approximately four to five months and provides education and accountability through a dedicated coach and an app. After four to five months, the user can access a lower price package to remain a part of their extremely vibrant community.

In this episode Pete and Adam touch on: 

1. How Stronger U is revolutionizing nutrition not by "dieting," but through a human-centric approach and community support.
2. What the differences are between a Registered Dietitian and a certified nutrition coach.
3. How Stronger U uses technology to personalize and sustain nutrition lifestyle changes.

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